The Maison Julie house is located in the center of Etroubles, a mountain village of five hundred inhabitants, located at 1,280 m.a.s.l. about 20 minutes by car from the center of Aosta, the main town of the Aosta Valley.

Etroubles, located in the Great Saint Bernard valley is today a very popular tourist destination, rich in fauna and a starting point for pleasant excursions for experts and families with simple itineraries. The territory of the municipality boasts the highest point of the Valley, the Mont Velan.

The view coming to Etroubles is of a small village surrounded by greenery, one of the most beautiful villages in Italy that received the gold medal in 2013 as a flowery municipality in Europe. Orange flag of the Italian Touring Club. One of the twenty-one jewels of Italy where there is an open-air museum inside the village, between art and nature. A permanent art gallery with works by world-famous artists that can be admired while walking in the streets of the Borgo (the town center).

In summer

In spring and summer there are many excursions to shelters and walks on the paths of the Via Francigena.

The Aosta Valley offers fans of all sports outdoor its most precious heritage, made of wild and lush nature, legendary mountains, a myriad of paths tailored for bikers, riders and hikers, clear skies in which to sail and foaming streams to descend…

Every season of the year is marked by the numerous outdoor initiatives.

Culinary traditions, visits and tastings, the Route des vins, the castles etc…

In winter

In winter there is a cross-country skiing track of more than 18 Km, which in summer turns into a fitness trail for fans of physical well-being, with equipment located in a splendid itinerary in the pine forest.  A few kilometers from Etroubles is the ski station of Crévacol which makes it an ideal place not only for those who love skiing, but also for those who prefer to relax and sunbathe. There is also a family snow park, 5 minutes from the Maison Julie. During Christmas time, the village lights up with the project “Luci su Etroubles“: Christmas lights positioned in the area. Step by step we discover the valley of the Great Saint Bernard, first stop on the Via Francigena. Entrance of pilgrims leaving Canterbury and heading for Rome.


A few kilometers from Etroubles is the Crévacol ski station.

Its favorable position, totally facing south and therefore very sunny, makes it the ideal place not only for those who love skiing, but also for those who prefer to relax and sunbathe.

The ski resort develops from 1,640 to 2,450 meters above sea level with an altitude difference of 810 meters and 22 km of slopes.

Via francigena

The pedestrian route of the Via Francigena in Italy is about 1,000 km long from the Great Saint Bernard to Rome. In ancient times it was a pilgrim route that led to the Vatican.

Descending from the Great Saint Bernard, after the inevitable visit to the Hospice museum and to the adjacent kennel where the champions of the Saint Bernard dog breed are bred, the road descends along an ancient panoramic mule track, which gradually approaches the valley floor.

After the enchanting villages of Saint-Rhemy-en-Bosses, Saint-Leonard and Saint-Oyen you arrive at Etroubles.